• Early Spring: Granular pre-emergent with fertilizer prevents unwanted weeds such as crabgrass and foxtail, while feeding the lawn.
  • Late Spring: A liquid application of pre-emergent with weed control will continue to defend against grassy weeds, while also eliminating any broadleaf weeds in the lawn.
  • Early Summer: Granular fertilizer with weed control will feed the lawn and provide additional broadleaf control that have recently germinated.
  • Grub Control: A safe, preventative grub control application of “Merit” or “Mach 2.” Round 4 will be applied with round 3 and billed simultaneously.
  • Late Summer: A liquid application targeting nutsedge, broadleaf, and any grassy weeds in the lawn.
  • Early Fall: Heavy feeding of liquid fertilizer with weed control to feed the lawn and help improve color after summer stress.
  • Winterizer: Granular fertilizer provides a heavy feeding of Nitrogen to carry the lawn through the winter & help with early green-up in the spring.

Five Round Ornamental Program:

  • Late Winter: Dormant oil is applied just before bud break to help prevent infestations of scale insects and other insects that over-wintered as eggs.
  • Early Spring: A second application to eliminate further outbreaks of scale, while also targeting insects before infestations occur.
  • Late Spring: Treatment to control primarily spider mites on spruce, junipers, & burning bush.
  • Early Summer: Inspection for insect infestations; application targeting bagworms on evergreens and any additional spider mite outbreaks.
  • Late Summer: Treatment to eliminate pests in the landscape that could have come over winter and cause problems the following spring. Note: This program is designed to address troublesome insects of ornamental trees and shrubs, it has no effect on diseases or nutrient deficiencies. We offer solutions to those problems as listed below.

Recommended additional ornamental care options:

  • Preventative Spring Fungicides: 2 fungicides, 10-21 days apart to help control fungal diseases of Pines, Crabapples, Hawthorns, & Pyracantha.
  • Spring Deep Root Feeding: Fertilization to help new trees (up to 5” caliper) establish vigorous root systems, and help stress recovery on older trees/shrubs.
  • Tree Spraying: Spray trees to treat insects, disease, or nutrient deficiency.

Other Services:

  • Irrigation System Service and Installation: Full service from installation of your new system to repair & routine maintenance of your existing system.
  • Lawn Renovation: From sodding a new lawn to over-seeding your existing lawn, we offer many options to make your lawn the envy of the street. Our Turf Managers will recommend a lawn renovation program that will work best for your unique conditions. Give us a call in late summer to have a free lawn analysis done on your yard.
  • Snow Removal: Residential and Commercial
  • Planting: Our company also does seasonal plantings in the spring such as impatiens etc., summer plantings which can be an array of flowers and evergreen and fall plantings such as chrysanthemum, cabbage and kale and bulbs.