Landscape Services

Hardscape Design

FSL Corp., designs a variety of Hardscapes which come in different materials, colors, and shapes to create warmth and ambiance and are essential for giving your home personality.  These structures are created in a landscape to enhance special areas or destination points. Stone walls, tile paths, arbors, fire pits, fireplaces, decks or stone seat walls add another dimension to the landscape.  Our team of talented Landscape Designers will design a space for your garden that will transform the look and feel of your home.

Landscape Pavers, Brick and Stone Installation

Our Designers are able to create a variety of hardscapes using a wide variety of materials: limestone, bluestone, interlocking pavers, clay brick and others. Landscape pavers are now available in a variety of patterns and colors that can resemble natural stone and cobblestones. 

Interlocking Paver System

An Interlocking Paver System is composed firstly of a compact sub-grade, which is compacted soil dug up to the appropriate elevation. Secondly, a condensed base material made up of compacted sand and concrete mix (depth between 4 to 12 inches). Thirdly, the surrounding perimeter is enclosed by an edge restraint and sand is swept to bond the cracks.  The whole area is compacted once more making this hardscape durable and maintenance free in all types of weather.

Benefits of Landscape Pavers

  • Adaptable Hardscape System
  • Extremely Durable and able to dispense weight better than concrete/mortared stone
  • Easier to repair damage than concrete/mortared stone since it is easily adjustable
  • Repairs do not require buying new pavers and stones.  Bluestone can also be set the same way as the pavers, just without motared joints.