Arboriculture & Tree Services

Commercial and Residential Services

FSL Corp. has arborists who are professional experts on diagnosing and treating the health of your trees and shrubs. Our company offers a variety of services to maintain beautiful healthy trees and shrubs such as:

  • Pruning
    Pruning is done periodically on all woody landscape plants and trees. Our company specializes in mature tree pruning, young tree pruning and specialty tree pruning.
  • Cabling and Bracing
    Rods and cable brace are used to support the structure of trees and growth. It is intended to limit movement of weak branches though stress such as storms and to avoid failure of weak branches. Supplemental support systems such as cabling and brace should only be done after a fully inspection and recommendation from our certified arborists. After installation support systems should be inspected on a yearly basis.
  • Plant Analysis and Diagnosis
    Our professional arborists are trained extensively on trees and plants analysis and diagnosing health conditions. We will ensure that our recommendations are to the best of our expertise and to maintain the overall health and safety of your trees while also protecting our environment. Our company will also perform soil analysis and work our way to the root of the problem in order to find a solution, which is one of the main reasons consumers contact an arborist to determine the cause of a plant health problem or condition.
  • Tree Removal
    Tree removal is a major part of our company in regards to new construction and landscape design. Our company offers this service also to ensure safety for structures close to potential dangerous and hazardous trees. Tree removal is the most hazardous part of arboriculture. Our workers are trained to remove trees in confined areas near utility lines, structure and other areas. Our goal is to provide excellent service, provide minimal to no impact with regards to the surrounding area and the cleaning up of all resulting debris.
  • Landing Clearing
    FSL Corp. has the ability to construct a land clearing plan for new construction. Land clearing must be done with the sensitivity of surrounding trees to avoid severe compaction which will result or cause the tree(s) to die within a few years of construction. Our plan of protection is a valuable asset to your property and the environment.